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Financial Inclusion & Digital Payment Conference will see the coming together of experts who will discuss and deliberate on the best way forward to achieve financial inclusion through digitising cash. India has the mammoth challenge of achieving the ever-elusive financial inclusion. With a rapidly growing population comes the pressing need to push for inclusion. Technology has been advancing and is vastly aiding in achieving the objective of holistic financial inclusion. Various business model and strategies have been floated that have brought success in parts. Digital payments have played a very significant role as a tool for financial inclusion. Promoting this endeavour to come up with viable business model that will drive Financial Inclusion.



Day I

  • Strategic Overview of Financial Inclusion
  • Role of Mobile Payments
  • Innovation & Business Models for Financial Inclusion
  • India Moving to Cashless Economy
  • Inclusion Via Delivery of Social and Government Benefit Payments
  • Digital Payments for Microfinance

Day II

  • Transactions Interrupted
  • Introduction to RUPAY
  • Still Born? Mobile Money in India
  • Free Flow: Interoperability, Standardization &
    Convergence of Payments

  • Rs 6,500/- + taxes for 2 days
  • Rs 5,000/- for 1 day

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Gaurav Chopra
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