We believe that the report will have widespread impact, especially on the following points:

  • Establish agreed upon benchmarks in the industry on the current state of the VAS industry
  • Establish the key performance indicators for the industry along with detailed projections for growth
  • Provide a balanced view representing all stakeholders for better clarity and understanding of the industry to drive Govt. interest and policy-making
  • Highlight emerging trends and opportunities, thus attracting innovation and investment

IAMAI and Analysys Mason are collaborating on an industry white paper on the mobile VAS industry and its expected evolution in India.

The report will be detailed with focus on nine key themes emerging in the Mobile VAS space in India today such as Commerce, Entertainment, Video, Applications, Utility, Community, Advertising, Enterprise VAS and Network VAS. Additionally, we will identify market enablers through analysing successful global markets, and recommend policy enablers through conversations with stakeholders across the value chain. The report will also have a comprehensive estimate of the current market value and its future potential.

The report is being released in an launch event on 27th July, 2011, with anticipated participation from leading industry stakeholders and representatives. We also expect to conduct workshops in major cities across India to further drive awareness.