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Motivational Shayari: Hello everyone, How are you all? hope you are doing well. So, welcome to our new article in which we are going to share Success Motivational Hindi Shayari. We usually love to read motivational thoughts because they inspire us a lot when we are in our low state. We usually get depressed and anxiety takes place in our heads whenever we think about our careers. But Motivational Shayari in Hindi really gives our mind an energetic push, and we really get inspired by them. Well, you might also like some Bewafa Shayari & Sharab Shayari that we have already shared previously.

Motivational Shayari in Hindi

If you visit our website then you will find a lot of collections of Shayari’s like Love Shayari & Good Morning Shayari, and it feels so good when we read some good Shayari in the morning so have a look at it. You can also inspire anyone by sending them these Life Motivational Shayari which we are going to share with you in this article. 

Motivational Shayari 

Motivational Shayari

अगर ज़िन्दगी में कुछ पाना हो तो,
तरीके बदलो, इरादे नहीं।

Success Motivational Shayari

Success Motivational Shayari

मंजिलें क्या है, रास्ता क्या है?
हौसला हो तो फासला क्या है

Motivational Hindi Shayari

Life Motivational Shayari

सोचने से कहा मिलते है
तमन्नाओ के शहर,
चलना भी जरुरी है
मंजिल को पाने के लिए।

Life Motivational Shayari 

Motivational Hindi Shayari

सफल होने के लिए
असफल होना
बहुत जरुरी है।

Self-Motivational Shayari on Success

Motivational Shayari in Hindi

नसीब जिनके
मस्त और ऊँचे होते है,
इम्तिहान भी उनके
जबरदस्त होते है।

 Motivational Shayari in English

I can’t change the direction
of the wind, but I can adjust
my sails to always reach my

Love Motivational Shayari

कल का दिन किसने देखा है,
तो आज का दिन भी खोये क्यों?
जिन घड़ियों में हंस सकते है
उन घड़ियों में रोये क्यों?

Hindi Motivational Shayari

ये दुनिया मतलबी है भाई तुझे
कदम कदम पर टोकेगी,
खुद से कुछ होगा नहीं तुझे
करने से रोकेगी।

Shayari in Hindi Motivational 

उठो तो ऐसे उठो की
फक्र हो बुलंदी को,
झुको तो ऐसे झुको
बंदगी भी नाज करे।

Motivational Shayari for Students

कौन कहता है कामयाबी
किस्मत तय करती है,
इरादों में दम हो तो मंजिले
भी झुका करती है।

New Motivational Shayari

जिस इंसान की सोच बड़ी होती है
उसी के सफर में परेशानियां खड़ी होती है..!

Motivational Gulzar Shayari

एक न एक दिन हासिल कर
ही लूँगा मंजिल…
ठोकरे जहर तो नहीं जो खाकर
मर जाऊंगा….!!

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So, here it is, you know I feel very motivated while writing this article, and I hope you will too. We love to see when someone sends us Beautiful Good Morning Images, you want to send them too? have a look at them then. Everyone has ups and down in there, but our happiness depends on that, that how we deal with them, Life Motivational Shayari really helps us in that phase. Let you know, that we have also shared some Friendship Shayari & Attitude Shayari previously on our site, you might love them too.

We all know Gulzar Sahab, he is a famous Indian poet and we all love to read their famous Shayari, his motivational Shayari also inspires us a lot. In the above article, we have also shared Motivational Gulzar Shayari. Share this above collection with your friends and on your social media. Please, give us reviews about our Shayari, did you like them or not? let us know. We will keep updated our article, till then read more Hindi Shayari on our site and enjoy them. 

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